2018 Acadia’s Airbags Might Not Deploy Because of Faulty Sensing Modules

In a crash, sensing diagnostic modules (SDM) detect the impact and send a signal to the airbags to deploy. But according to CarComplaints.com, the SDM in the 2018 Acadia might not be powering down properly when the SUV is turned off.

The module may stay deactivated when the SUV is restarted, showing an airbag warning light to the driver and a message that says “service restraint system.” Additionally, a driver will hear warning chimes indicating the airbags are off.

Basically, if it doesn’t shut down properly it won’t be able to turn on properly the next time the SUV is restarted. If that sounds familiar, GMC was part of a massive recall for similar module problems last year.

For this recall, 88,000 of the SUVs will need to have their SDM reprogrammed. Unfortunately GM doesn’t know when that will happen yet.