Common GMC Hvac Problems

  1. A/C Condenser Leaking

    GM used leaky air conditioners that buckle under pressure in many 2014-2017 trucks and SUVs. Whether it's busted hoses or leaky condensors, thousands of GM owners are showing up to work with sweat stains down their back. It's such a widespr…

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  2. What Are We Missing?

    We know there's more problems than this. Let us know which one you'd like to see us cover next.


Where Hvac Complaints Happen

Sometimes it helps just to tally up the complaints and see where the biggest stacks are. Use this information to learn about troublespots or to run for the hills.

What GMC Owners Say About Their Hvac

A/C stopped working. Regular people can’t fix it due to equipment needed. Dealership charged me $150 just to tell me what’s wrong and then said it would be an additional $1,656 to have the condenser replaced in order to fix the problem. No A/C in Texas in the summer with 4 kids is not an option.

2017 Yukon Owner in TX